Healthy eating and my weigh in.

Hi there, I’m Vicky and I am one of the team here at

I am approaching 40.

I think I have a way of getting over the looming 40 year depression. Get fit and ready for it. I’ve been putting my fitness off for too long now and so I have decided to get my act together and sort my diet and fitness out. I’m meeting my 40th year head on and with enjoyment rather than depression. I want that flat stomach, the flabless tricep and the stamina to match. I know its going to be tough but its not impossible.

I have been asked by the team here to document my rise to fitness at 40 and post it on the website.

Day 1

weight: 9st 13lb – not too bad but I need to lose a stone (14lb / 6.35 kg)

Eating Plan  : healthy eating, moderate portions, roughly based on the Zone Diet.

Fill your plate into three parts, one part protein, one part carbohydrates (above ground veggies) and one part fats.