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Hi there, I’m Victoria and I am one of the team here at www.naturalmatter.co.uk

I am approaching 40.

I think I have a way of getting over the looming 40 year depression. Get fit and ready for it. I’ve been putting my fitness off for too long now and so I have decided to get my act together and sort my diet and fitness out. I’m meeting my 40th year head on and with enjoyment rather than depression. I want that flat stomach, the flabless tricep and the stamina to match. I know its going to be tough but its not impossible.

I have been asked by the team here to document my rise to fitness at 40 and post it on the website.

Today I am going to take a cardiovascular fitness test which can be done at home.

Warning:- Should you have any medical condition, always consult your doctor, before undertaking any change in exercise or dietary advice.

Exercise can be hazardous. If you use any of the ideas, techniques or suggestions discussed in these documents, all are undertaken at the reader’s sole discretion and risk.

What you need is a very sturdy 12 inch box or a 12 inch step or bench. You will also need a watch or clock with a minute hand so you can check your time.

For 3 minutes step on and off of the step or box. First with one foot then the other. Try to step to a rhythm.  At the end of the three minutes remain standing and take your pulse for 1 minute.  Count the total number of beats. Then check the table below for your fitness assessment.

Fitness Test For Women

Age 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
Excellent <85 <88 <90 <94 <95 <90
Good 85-98 88-99 90-102 94-104 95-104 90-102
Above Average 99-108 100-111 103-110 105-115 105-112 103-115
Below Average 118-126 120-126 119-128 121-129 119-128 123-128
Poor 127-140 127-138 129-140 130-135 129-139 129-134
Very Poor >140 >138 >140 >135 >139 >134

Fitness Test for Men

Age 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
Excellent <79 <81 <83 <87 <86 <88
Good 79-89 81-89 83-96 87-97 86-97 88-96
Above Average 90-99 90-99 97-103 98-105 98-103 97-103
Below Average 106-116 108-117 113-119 117-122 113-120 114-120
Poor 117-128 118-128 120-130 123-132 121-129 121-130
Very Poor >128 >128 >130 >132 >129 >130

So I took the test and great news I am in the good category. Even if I missed a few beats on my pulse check I am still in the above average fitness range for a woman of my age. Fantastic news! The aim now is to improve my heart rate further with exercise. I want to be in the excellent category if I want to achieve my goal.

More on my diet and exercise regime shortly.

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