Horsetail herbal tea for weight loss

The Horsetail herb has a mild diuretic effect and increases the activity of the kidneys and bladder. It has the ability to rid the body of water. Therefore, it is often found to be an ingredient in many weight loss products.

Other studies have suggested that horsetail has antioxidant properties. Therefore, Horsetail could help the body neutralise harmful free radicals.

The horsetail herb has been used in herbal medicine for centuries . The herb dates back to ancient Greece or Rome when it was used to stop bleeding and heal wounds.

Horsetail contains silicon which is important for bone strengthening. The Silicon helps the body process more Calcium. Therefore, the herb has been linked with the treatment of Osteoporosis.

To enjoy this drink it is recommended that you pour fresh boiling water over the bag. Brew the Horsetail for up to 10 minutes. You do not need to remove the bag from the cup. You can sweeten the drink if required.

We also have Horsetail Plant Juice 200ml.

An alternative is to drink horsetail in a delicious juice. This horsetail juice may help support the urinary system. Horsetail contains plant complexes including many minerals and trace elements. Together these nutrients help strengthen, the skin, hair and nails. However, a more pronounced feature of their interaction is the natural diuretic and anti inflamatory effect it has on the urinary tract system.
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