Safe squats for super hard thighs ~ upper leg exercises

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1. Learn to squat safely before you lift the weight.

2. Try to work on flexibility before you attempt the move.

3. A bent bar is easier to hold in position, so if you have one in your gym use that one.

4. Place the bar on the squat rack when lifting, as it will be much safer.

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5. Hold the bar properly with your shoulder blades pushed together.

6. Rest the bar on top of your tensed shoulder blades. Hold the bar with the whole of your hands not just the fingers.

7. Make sure your hands are the same distance apart from the centre of the bar.

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8. Place your feet apart slightly wider than your hips. You may need to adjust later to a wider, more comfortable position.9. Make sure your feet face outwards as you don’t want your knees to buckle in. The stress must be on all areas, not just on your legs.10. Keep your heels planted on the floor. Keep your lower back arched and hips straight under the bar.

11. Lift the weight vertically, make sure you feel balanced. If not, start again.

12. Keep looking forwards.

13. Keep your upper body straight, make sure you feel the weight in your heels.

14. Go down till your upper thighs are parallel with the floor or to the point when your back starts to round.

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