The Bicep Curl – The Key to Beautiful Biceps

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1. This move can be done with a barbell or dumbbells.

2. Make sure when you start the move your feet are placed about hip width apart and that your knees are bent slightly.

3. If you are using a barbell make sure your hands aren’t too wide apart.

4. Keep your hands and wrists in a straight line. Don’t bend them.

5. Slowly bring the weight up. Your hands should make it to your shoulders but no higher.

bicep curl for massive biceps

bicep curl move 1

bicep curl for massive biceps

bicep curl move 2

6. Don’t let your elbows come out too far in this exercise.

7. Lower the dumbbells slowly and with maximum control.

8. When they reach your lower sides again rest for a second, and then slowly repeat the exercise.

9. It is possible to do this move standing or seated with dumbbells.

10. When seated make sure the back is supported at all times.

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