The correct way to do a calf raise ~ for strong calf muscles

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calf raise for strong calf muscles

use the stairs in your home for calf raises

calf raise for strong calf muscles

calf raise move 1

calf raise for strong calf muscles

calf raise move 2

1. The calf raise can be done using the calf machine in the gym or by using a dumbbell. You must remember to hold the dumbbell on the same side you are doing the raise.

2. If you are using a dumbbell you will need to steady yourself while you do the raise. Make sure you are supporting yourself with your other hand.

3. Find a raised platform like a step.

4. Place the right foot on the step.

5. In the right hand hold the desired weight.

6. Curl the left foot around the back of the right heel.

7. Support yourself with your left hand, holding onto something about shoulder height.

8. Lift onto the ball of the right foot. You will feel the pull in the right calf muscle.

9. Repeat the move slowly lowering and raising the right foot.

10. Make sure you repeat the same exercise for the other calf.

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