Warming up and cooling down for a safe exercise routine

Warming Up

You need to warm up for at least 10 minutes. Your aim is to increase your heart rate slightly and then move onto gaining flexibility. It is good to start with exercises that increase the heart rate so you are slightly warmer when you start your stretches. You are less likely to damage muscles this way.

Exercises that increase the heart rate slightly are gentle jogging, fast walking or jumping. You should feel that your heart rate is slightly raised as you begin your routine.

Exercises which increase flexibility include knee lifting, placing your hands on your hips and making a circular movement, raising and lowering your shoulders, gently tilting your head from side to side to stretch the neck and also gently stretching the back.

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Cooling Down

Cooling down is also a vital part of your exercise routine. You want to return your cardiovascular system to its former level. When you are exercising your body is delivering a high level of blood to muscles. If you stop suddenly this flow continues when it is not needed, this could cause dizziness or even fainting.

Your aim is to cool down slowly and let the muscles cool down at the same pace. If you are running it is good to slow the pace to a walk, if you are weight training it is good to perform stretches of the muscles you have been using. Cool down should last for at least 5-10 minutes. Try to hold the stretches for a longer time than you did when you were warming up. Stretching the muscles you have worked also reduces post workout aches.

Back and Muscle Support during weight training

If you are weight lifting, it may help to wear a back support belt. This helps improve body mechanics and posture, ensuring that the back is supported when lifting heavy weights. Do not wear the belt expecting it to stop injury. It is a support. All support socks and knee braces are meant to support the body. They cannot prevent further injury. Make sure you do not exercise when your body is not 100%

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